The Portrait Experience

Due to time constraints and demand, Kris accepts a limited number of commissioned portraits each year.  Please contact Kris at or by calling 619-729-6125 in order to determine time availability for your portrait. 

The Portrait Experience process begins by meeting with Kris to discuss the elements that you would like incorporated in the portrait, this includes location, attire, sentimental objects, theme, pose, and size.   Then a photo shoot is arranged.  During the photo shoot you will work closely with Kris reviewing each of the photographs together.  You will select your favorite photograph and once this selection is made Kris can begin working on the painting.  

Portraits as a Gift

In situations where the portrait is meant to be a gift, Kris will work with you to create a certificate which explains the The Portrait Experience.   You can then present the certificate as a gift.  This will allow the person who is in the painting to give input on the portrait.


There are many factors to consider when pricing a portrait.  A rough estimate for a pencil drawing is about $300 per square foot,  and a rough estimate for an oil painting is $600 per square foot.  An 11" x 14" painting will typically cost around $600 and a 24" x 36" painting will roughly cost around $3600.  Pricing details will be finalized before the painting begins.  A small deposit will be required before the painting will be started.  Kris is located in San Diego, California.  Travel expenses may apply if traveling outside of Southern California.