Painting I,II and III

If you wish to take a painting class a strong drawing background will be beneficial.

Classes are $200 for 8 consecutive weeks. Please contact us to see when the next session begins.

painting 1.png

Painting I

Painting I will focus on control of your paints, brush, and palette using a limited brown and white palette. If you wish to take this class a strong understanding of drawing will be helpful.

  • This class is for beginner to intermediate

  • Thursdays 2p-5pm


Painting II

Color, color, color… In Painting II we will take the techniques from Painting I and apply them with color. Each class will begin with a 20 minute color demonstration.

  • This Class if for intermediate painters

  • Thursdays 2p-5p

Unexpected medium.JPG

Painting III

Painting III is for painters that have completed at least one Painting II session. This class is for students that wish to work on a personal painting from a photograph.

  • This class is for advanced students.

  • Thursdays 2p-5pm